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Herd Rugby Head Coaches on Rugby Swag Show Podcast

After a year of operations, Head Coaches Tito Miranda (Men) and Kat Aversano (Women's+) are featured on The Rugby Swag Show Podcast. In these indepth interviews, the coaches showcase their personal stories, focus, and intelligence surrounding the game of rugby. Both coaches come to Howard with a wealth of knowledge and experience across the rugby sphere.

Coach Miranda came from humble first-generation immigrant beginnings. He started his rugby journey as a crossover player playing in a tiny private college in the middle of nowhere Maryland to becoming the head coach of the fourth-ever active historically black college and university rugby men’s program. All of it happened during the pandemic. Tito talked about his immigrant background, balancing work and family with rugby, and how problems with soccer helped him develop in the rugby community.

Coach Aversano became connected with Howard University when she attended Howard University Law, but her story in rugby has been long. She is also a former player, and administrator, with a good history of coaching rugby around the east coast, as well as an athletic adventurer. She discusses her knowledge of the world rugby landscape with anticipation of the United States hosting the 2031 and 2033 Rugby World Cups.

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