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Howard Men are HBCU Classic Champions!

The weekend of March 31 - April 2, Herd Men's Rugby hosted the HBCU Rugby Classic. The event included welcome brunch, a campus tour, and live entertainment including musical performances and a dorm stroll show.

This tournament was the first time the Howard and Morehouse teams met to compete. Howard Rugby was founded post-COVID in Fall 2021 and the meeting on home soil was an opportunity to show great pride in the program.

Both teams play an exciting brand of rugby with strong tackling and hard running. Howard put effort into effective tackling and securing the defensive backs inside the wide channels. The forwards set the platform for success. This approach proved successful as Founder and President Daniel Davillier scored the match winning try securing the Phaidra Knight HBCU Classic Trophy.

Davillier was also named the Ram Eddings Player of the Match.

The Classic included big Championship Competitions:

College Men: Howard v. Morehouse - CHAMPION HOWARD MEN

High School Boys: Withrow HS v. Cristo Rey HS - CHAMPION WITHROW HS

College Women+: Howard v. Maine -Farmington - CHAMPIONSHIP MAINE-FARMINGTON

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