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D.C. Rugby Community Steps Up

As a new program in a very crowded city, there is difficulty finding fields to practice on. Thankfully we have been able to rely on steadfast rugby relationships to help us out with field access, since Howard only has one field and fall football, band, and soccer all take precedence.

Washington Youth Rugby and their amazing leader, Marcus Wood, have sheltered us in our time of need allowing us time to share their practice space. DC Revolution, a DIII Women's Club team has also let us share their practice space that is closer to campus and therefore provides easier accessibility for Howard students.

Catholic University has reached our and held joint practices with our program. This friendship allows us to practice skills with opposition and also practice set piece work, since our new program does not have a scrum sled to work with.

We have also been loaned jerseys from the Mary Washington Mother's Rugby team, so while we may be new, we certainly don't look like it.

The support of the D.C. rugby community has been full force and we are so excited to do what we can to bring everyone together and grow the game after a long COVID hiatus.

Photo Credit: Washington Post

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